Maltose syrups relishing sweets without raising blood sugar

Maltose syrups are organic sweeteners that satisfy your sweet tooth without raising the blood sugar level. Maltose syrup substitute is an artificial organic sweetener which has a sweetness level of approximately 60% of cane sugar. Therefore, it controls the blood sugar levels and proves to be an ideal alternative to sugar for the diabetic patients while meeting the sensatory expectations with desired sweetness.

Maltose in its distinct form is soluble in water. It is crystalline and tastes sweet. The Maltose syrups are usually colourless, clear and sweet viscous liquid. It is the unique chemical structure of maltose that makes it perfect for serving dual purpose. This carbohydrate content of maltose disaccharide is composed of two mono saccharides bonded by means of a condensation reaction.

The High Maltose Syrup is produced from refined starch using Double Enzymatic process with the help of biochemical technology. The major carbohydrate constituent of High Maltose Syrup is maltose and it comes with a concentration of 50% more than that of maltose. The characteristics include fine taste, soft sweet and stability at high temperature and acid conditions. This makes it possible to keep it in good quality for long period. High maltose syrups are used to improve texture, flavour and body while ensuring resistance to absorption of moisture, crystallisation and colour formation. The finished products using High Maltose Syrup have excellent clarity, brilliance and stability. It is a better choice than granulated sugar for candy production because of its tenacity and transparency. Apart from these it also has the advantages of lower freezing points and anticrystallinty which aid in improving quality, taste and feeling. It is widely used in preserving tinned fruits, cream, fruits and jams. For cakes, baking food and cakes it increases the shelf life besides keeping the effect of starch.

High maltose corn syrup is a sweetener and preservative which has maltose as major sugar. It contains almost no fructose and tastes less sweet than corn syrup with high fructose. High maltose corn syrup is a useful sweetener in the commercial food production containing 40–50% maltose which may be as high as even 70%. In the production of hard candy, it is considered a better alternative to normal glucose having a lower viscosity than glucose solution. Moreover, being less humectant than glucose, the candy produced with high-maltose syrup is less sticky that those produced with glucose syrup. Having the advantage of low freezing point, it is commonly used in frozen desserts. While balanced fermentability makes it being used in brewing, the High maltose corn syrup is great for food preservation as well.

In the present days when high-fructose corn syrup is the source of concern to many of us, High maltose corn syrup is gaining increasing demand and this is the reason that maltose syrup production is increasing rapidly. Maltose Syrup is becoming all the more popular especially to those diabetic and diet-concern people as a favorite substitute for sugar. The fields of frozen foodstuff, bakery goods, candy, drinks and seasoning, everywhere maltose syrup invariably scores higher than other choices.

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